New to Android - recommend some Apps for me!

    First ever Android Mobile.

    What free (and possibly paid for) apps do you recommend?

    Obviously I've put Skype on already.


    Barcode Scanner
    Angry Birds
    Air Control
    Robotic Guitarist

    Angry Birds
    3G Watchdog

    was just about to post asking the same thing, another android newbie wanting to know some decent apps !!

    air control lite, trapsta, epl buddy........ so far .....

    Rockplayer! Play avi's without conversion plus you can even do things like subtitles.

    Oh and K9 mail seems to be a much better email client but I've only had it installed for a few days. It supports IDLE so you get push mail!
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    i'll be watching this for oh's phone see what i put on it lol

    Mini Golf'oid (this has a couple of courses for free - but many more paid for)
    Flick Kick Rugby (costs about 60p).

    Original Poster

    Hmmm.. diappopinted I can't transfer my Spotify account without upgrading to paid.

    Dropbox is a free app - great.

    I would recommend the music search and download app! Seems to have every song possible to download for free

    The default keyboard for texting drives me mad so I installed SwiftKey which is heaps better.

    Also have:
    ~ Angry Birds - great little game. Well worth a go. Very addictive if you like it!
    ~ PhoneUsage - tells you how many minutes, texts and megabytes of data you have used (breaks it down by day, week and month). I have 500 mins and 500MB of data per month so need to keep an eye on it.
    ~ Winamp - good replacement for the default music player. Not much point in getting it unless your going to be using your phone for listen to music a lot.
    ~ Opera Mobile - good replacement for default internet browser. Again, not much point unless you're doing a lot of web browsing. Also look at Dolphin, which is another good browser.
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