New to DS - Please help.

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Found 29th Mar 2008
I've not long bought a DS lite for me and my little boy. Never owned or played one before (borrowed a gameboy from friends when I was at School (15 or so years ago) but that's about it. Remembered I loved Mario so that's the game I bought. I seem to have completed it but can't get to world 4 or 7. Why is that? Please give details as as you can probably guess I'm not all that technically minded. Also what's the next best game like Mario Bros? Any other info would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance


not sure about the mario bros, but i have loads of mario games mario 64 is a good one, also mario carts, what kind of games do you like, if you go on utube there are loads of game reviews for the ds where you can see people playing on them

to get 2 world 4 u have to beat boss in world 2 wit mini mario hope tht helps!

sorry but not sure bout 7 only on 6 myself lol its too addictive though lol

its the same to get onto world 7 you have to beat the boss with mario mini (I think its world 5). Completed the whole game - its great!

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Thanx all - really appreciated. Rep being left now!!

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P.S. Could still do with knowing the next best game to buy. Love Mario Bros/platform games so what would you say is similiar?
Thanks again

Yoshi's Island is similar and very good, or there is the Princess Peach one (but this one is more aimed at kids).

I quite like Mario & Luigi Partners in Time its quite a good game but depends on what kind of games you like!!

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Thanks for advice - I'll give them a try. Rep left x x
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