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Found 1st Jan 2009
Literally stumbled across HUKD yesterday and I'm amazed - I always bypassed it as thought it was another poxy price-comparison site. How wrong I was.

I've missed all the 1TB Ext Hard Drive deals that were sniffed out so I'll be keeping my eyes skinned for more offers around these parts.

Thanks to all who contribute and as a noob I'd be grateful if you'd point me in the right direction for some bargain basement prices.


Welcome to the madness:)


hope uv got deeeeep pockets!

Welcome on board


hope uv got deeeeep pockets!Welcome on board

lol and a sick mind-it helps:thumbsup:


lol and a sick mind-it helps:thumbsup:


just remember this is the same as any other site (only better) and there are scammers. but welcome :thumbsup:


Welcome and have fun chasing the deals :thumbsup:

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lol and a sick mind-it helps:thumbsup:


ebuyer.com - £75 for 1TB.

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Been looking at the WD one at Comet but none in stock around these parts.

This comet.co.uk/sho…ion is a good few quid more expensive but looks quite sexy and pretty cheap compared to other places.

Any good? Or is it worth hanging on for a few weeks? I can wait as the 500gb I have is fine, just sounds like a lawnmower (and that's with a new fan).
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