New to Nintendo Wii Classic

Just bought one of these old consoles so I can play GameCube and N64 games. Will a generic GameCube controller work with both GC and N64 titles?

Can the classic controller be used for both?

What happens if I spend £50 on VC downloads, then my console breaks? Can they be transferred to a replacement?

Finally, is an SD cards needed or is the on board space enough for game saves and a few N64 titles?



Good many Wii threads do you want to make! All your answers can be found with a quick google search.

But I will answer one question, yes you will want a bigger SD card.

They save to your Nintendo account Bro. So if your console dies you should be able to redownload. I have a load of old ones on my wii u. However If you have the original wii, just jump on YouTube and search for wii letterbomb home brew. It'll allow you to install all the emulators for the old consoles, simply slap the game roomswon the sd card and voila. All them games in your hands. Get a gamecube controller and you're good to go with the N64 games.
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