Found 13th Mar 2010
Quite simply i have always been a Sega, nintendo and Microsoft boy,

But saying this i have recently purchased a Ps3 to enable me to have the best of both worlds also owning a 360.

Can anyone tell me any good games exclusive to the Ps3 that i should consider purchasing?

I am particularly intrested in some of the older back caterloge games that could perhaps be snapped up cheap.

Thanks in advance,

I am currently playing Uncharted 2 and Bioshock 2 on the Ps3 awesum!!!!!!

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Demon's Souls (check reviews/videos first as you may not like that kinda thing)
Motorstorm (1 or 2)
Little Big Planet
Metal Gear Solid 4

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i just saw Infamous on offer for 9.99 is it worth a punt?

God of War III coming out soon. Get the first Uncharted for dirt cheap.


i just saw Infamous on offer for 9.99 is it worth a punt?

For £9.99 i'd give it a go,…ous

I personally completed it within days of getting it and loved it but sold it while it was still relatively new.

God of War 3 out next friday is a must!

Batman Arkham Asylum is excellent

Uncharted 1 & 2 = The best series on the PS3 to date. Must.
Valkyria Chronicles = A game that went unoticed my many people but is defentily one of the best I.Ps it's got.
Metal Gear Solid 4 = Must
Yakuza 3 = Must - but try the demo just in case.
Heavy Rain = Try the demo as it is a very different genre of game

and now God of War 3 this friday...

A Naked Monk;8096841

Uncharted 1 & 2 = The best series on the PS3 to date.


Stunning games....

Don't bother with Batman, I found it very over rated. It's not exclusive either..

God of War
Uncharted 1 & 2
Valkyria Chronicles
Killzone 2
Heavy Rain

From PSN:
Pixel Junk Monsters
Pixeljunk Shooter
Loco Roco
Super Stardust HD


killzone 2 i think you could get around for a tenner

Little big planet, its good fun with the playstation eye camera thingy thing. Its the only game I know that you can randomly and drunkenly splatter pictures of your a**e all over the level while playing it.

Even the opening credits are good and Stephen Fry's voice over, and its even a game the wife can enjoy.

But uncharted 2 mmmmmmm, loved that!!!

All the major games have been mentioned so far. The one striking omission is Peggle, a PSN game. I only discovered it recently but it is a special kind of multi coloured addictiveness. Download the demo.
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