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Found 4th May 2007
Hi, I am new to Quidco can you tell me how it works with regards to ebay.

1.How much money do you get, as on the Quidco website it says you get 35% but thats not 35% of the final price you pay, what is it 35% of

2. You obviously have to go to ebay via the quidco link, once you have won do you have to pay via paypal via the quidco link to get cashback or can you pay not via the quidco link

3.To get cashback on ebay, do you have to win things via the quidco link (ie you can't use a bid sniper) or can you still use auction sniper websites.

4.Do you get any cashback for being a seller on ebay, ie listing your items & paying ebay fees or is it just from buying.

Thank-you for your help

I have also heard some people say you need to clear cookies, before using quidco to ensure you get your money, otherwise it remembers you going to the website from a different referral. (This isn't in regards to ebay, this is in regards to all websites)

Thanks, again

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See a thread about it here:…dco

And i think it has now been removed....
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