new tomtom or old one with bluetooth visor gadget

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Found 8th Aug 2007
i am just about to take the plunge into the world of sat navs- my predicament is to:

1) buy the new 520/720 with enhanced hands-free blue tooth calling

2) buy the tomtom one and buy a gadget that clips onto your visor

ordinarily i would have a hands free kit fitted, but i will be in a rental car for the foreseeable future.

any help/advice/suggestions.



I'll be honest and say either the 520 or 720...

It also has FM Transmitter, so the Hands-Free calling can come through the stereo if you wish (as well as playing your MP3s).

The features I have seen on this are very smart and I must admit, it swayed me to thinking I might get one.

Obv I have yet to see what faults may occur, but the unit does seem well thought out (slimline, same as TomTom One, so shouldn't have any Mounting Bracket problems) and the functions are easy to use.

The new 'Help' menu is a good addition and the voice recognition, map correction, advanced POI's etc

Any questions, I'll try and answer, although bare in mind I only saw these for a breif time so cannot go fully into depth about them.

And before anyone asks, I'm not a salesman, nor do I work for TomTom...

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thanks browni
so any difference between 520 and 720 other than european maps.
release dates for both versions??
whats the deal with the tmc- do i really need it?

obviously any hot deal greatly appreciated!!

No difference, just Euro Maps...

I think they've just been released at the beginning of the month.

TMC? You mean the RDS function? Just for receiving Traffic Updates, so that's really your choice, although you can do it via Bluetooth which just costs a data download on your Phone Provider (but is obv more up to date info).

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still unsre- i've been over to the yornav site, and apparently the 920 may be released on 30/08.
i'm such a turkey! i want something which does the trick and then when i look into it- i end up going for the prestige model.
i have never needed a sat nav before- but unfortnately my job necessitates me going to new places (i'm a med rep with a new territory!) and a lot of the places i need will be in clusters, and rather than fiddling about with Ato Z, i thought combined blue tooth hands free calling and route finder wiould be the way forward.

surely i'm not the only one debating whether to go new or old?

Well, there has been talk of a 920 all over the place, and when the TomTom rep was asked about this model, it did bring over a hush hush situation...

I think the words were along the lines of 'Thats not something we can talk about, even if it were in the pipeline'.

I do think the 920 will eventually be released, but as to what extra features it has is very under wraps.

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is this £300 well spent?
is the hands free calling going to be better than a clip on bluetooth gizmo by pama/parrot?

Definately, the Pama ones are not much cop and the mic isn't sensitive enough...

£300 well spent? Depends if you don't mind the price dropping in about 6 months... but I would say a sound investment (wait for some vouchers to appear on here, then get some money knocked off).

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i think ordinary price will be 330quids- can currently use voucher to purchase for £300, v tempted and wanting to take plunge..........i think shops are still fulfilling pre-orders etc, i cant see getting much more discount at the mo?

As far as I know, the 520 is £300 and the 720 is £330...

If that's the discount you've found, you're prob right about not getting any further discounts.

Although I don't think everyone is filling pre-orders, as Play are showing in stock (don't hold me to that one though).
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