New toothbrush

    Dentist warned me today I need to brush up on my tooth brushing (Sorry!) anyway I'm on the hunt for a good quality electric toothbrush

    This one is drawing my attention, the reviews look very good and it is half price at the moment…htm

    Any comments? I like the little display since I do have trouble keeping to 2 minutes at times! (i.e. when rushing for work in a morning)


    This is the one I got last year (or one incredibly similar) get it from boots for extra clubcard points. Its the best brush I've ever had, and is still going strong one year on. Timer is good, stick it on the bathroom wall and it tells you which bit to brush, and vibrates your brush to move on to the next bit after 30 secs. Mine does tend to 'fill up' with water though, so after each brushing I remove the head hold it upside down and turn it on - loads of water comes out!

    The 1000 has exactly the same brushing action and has a timer and tells you when it need recharging and is only £24…htm

    I have this one, got it last christmas. It has a two minute timer, it stops then restarts. I charge it every 7-10 days and change the heads when needed. I like it so much, I got the whole family them - not expensive either.…htm
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