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Posted 8th Oct
Hi all,
I'm not sure what I'm looking at when buying a TV, we have been saving for a while and we have around £600 for a 49" TV, please could someone point us in the right direction, it must be from curry's so I can pay through work.
Thanks in advance
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It depends on what you want from a tv?
Best picture most likely, sound? Most tv's have small speakers so difficult to get good sound from them.

Oled's have the best contrast but are more expensive. All tv's have an online feature now so you can connect to Amazon prime movies, Netflix, Youtube etc etc. Would be worth trying out the tv's in store so you can see which tv has the easiest menu to use as well as picture.

I hate my Sony, it's slow, and had to have the main board replaced after a few weeks.
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We have a sound bar so not to fussed about great sound, picture quality is what we're after
It's not a very interesting market with those criteria right now. The big improvements at the moment are the falling prices of 65" and 75" TVs and HDR. But the former isn't relevant if you've already decided on a size, while HDR content is scarce and TVs with good levels of HDR ability are a lot more than £600.

So it's just a case of going down to your local currys and convincing the salesmen to take the TVs off the demo loop and pick whichever deals best with the imperfections of the real content you'll be watching. Sony and Panasonic are usually pretty good in that area, and Philips seem to be getting some praise recently.
Samsung RU7400 isn't bad for around £500.…tml
I've seen this one but it's got some bad reviews for quality. I know it's a little more than I was thinking but if its a better option we would consider.

This one is the one that cought my eye at first…tml
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