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    need new TV for mother. She has skyplus but space is not an issue so was considering a 32" crt rather than one of the cheaper LCD models. Good picture and sound is really a priority.Budget is around 350 pounds. JVC is available from digital direct and from sound and vision for 330 pounds. Is this the best deal available and has anyone used these companies? I have looked at the LCD entry level models but I am worried that the picture won't be so good. Any advice would be welcome.


    I got a 28" flatscreen crt from asda for £150 the other week. Apparently tesco were doing a special offer on the same size for £89.99 but this may have finished now.

    I know it's not exactly what you were looking for but it could spare a few extra quid if you go for a slightly smaller size.

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    thanks for the reply scouser78. Has got to be 32" really as room is quite large.

    Buy a hd tv its future proof

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    I know where you are coming from dandoc2 but for around 350 pounds is the picture going to be good on a 32" LCD TV for standard skyplus broadcasts?

    The picture will be fine on Sky Plus broadcasts for that price. So much better off than buying a CRT that weighs so much it will warp your floor!!!!

    Sainsbury's have a bush 32 inch lcd on offer for about £350ish instore at the moment.

    Saw it at lunch in nottingham, sorry no link
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