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    Ok, we have a 32" LG TV and its broken.

    My dad doesn't really want a 32" again but he doesn't want a 42" either so hes decided he wants a 37"

    But I've managed to convince him to get a 40/42" if i can find one around the price hes looking at for 37" ones. So I'm wondering if theres any hot deals on:

    [* 40/42" (or 37") TV,
    [* HD Ready,
    [* Built in digital receiver
    [* a guarantee, he wont get one without a guarantee
    [* around £500 but no more than £575 (hes being a bit tight :giggle: )
    [* no particular preference in make etc although a better known one would be a bonus.

    I know this sort of thing is probably posted all the time so if you've grabbed a hot deal or just seen let me know what you got

    Ive found…spx this and…572 this so far, what do you think of these?

    Any help appreciated.



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    My dad got a 37" samsung from makro. Wasthe display model an didnt comer in box or with a remote (dnt need a box really an a remote i easy to find) Worth £1000 got it for £500.

    Also haggle with the shops, Try and get money off.

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    wow, thats good, in makro? he wanted to go there to have a look, thanks, ill let you know how it goes :thumbsup:
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