Found 4th Mar 2008
Just got PANASONIC TH42PZ70B 42" plasma tv. Ordered 7th January, finally got it delivered end of last week (its that popular nowhere had it, dad didnt know that when he picked it!)

Problem is, every so often we get faint chunky red and green diagonal lines right across the screen. Havent found a link yet to when it is happening. We are using sky + with it.

Any ideas? I have done a quick search on google but didnt really bring anything up


pretty hard to get a picture in my head of whats happening, is it like digital breakup, ie blocky lookin distortion?
make sure all connections are tight and none are wound round each other, get someone to watch the picture as you move the cables, see if any cause the prob?

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They are only faint, but noticable and annoying.

about an inch wide each (alternating red and green)

cover the whole screen

Diagonal lines

Problem is, if we get someone out to look at it, it might not happen while they are here. Is intermittent problem. Have checked all the wires and all seem to be connected properly

lol i didnt mean get someone else to look at it i meant u watch it while ur dad moves the wires
it sounds like a bad connection or interference from another cable round the signal cable
got any other items connected to the telly ie dvd player, does it do it with that?

Conact the seller it sounds like a problem called snakes. Check out [URL="[/URL] for further info.

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I know what you mean, but I was just pointing out if anyone else said get someone out to look at it.

We have a dvd player connected, but only watched 1 film. Didnt happen, but its only intermittent so might happen in future.

Tried moving the wires and checked they are all in securely - makes no difference

BTW - rep left for you

can u give us a rough idea of the connections into the telly and type of cable used

dvd player- yes- scart?
sky box? scart? or RF lead
some companies have pics of the back of the tv where u connect stuff try n get one and point out whats connected where

]found one!
v nice tv btw jealous as hell!!

u really need to get this sorted asap and find if there is an actual fault, as you have limited time to examine the goods if you want to reject them under the sale of goods act, otherwise u could be stuck with a repair option if it is faulty


Conact the seller it sounds like a problem called snakes. Check out … Conact the seller it sounds like a problem called snakes. Check out [URL="[/URL] for further info.

Agreed sounds like it is faulty.;-)
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