New TV around £750

Found 18th Dec 2017
Hi can anyone offer any advice on the best tv for around 750 please. I've been looking at the following but wanted some expert opinions

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What' so good about those?

Look at LG 4K smart TV and see what price they are eg for 55 inches

Check reviews and try them yourself eg in a store I like LG smart TV and you might pay 500 instead or about there depends on screen size

I had bad experience with Panasonic sound systems and microwaves I don' think they're very good quality

Find a LG system with specs you like and compare them.all
I really don' know enough about all the TV technonologies to give the best answer but. LG are a good brand just make sure it's smart 4k tv if you're spending so much
Thanks for the reply/input mate. Tbh I don't really like Panasonic myself I've got a Sony at the moment I've not had much trouble with but you know how it is with tvs there's something new every year now hard to keep up
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