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Found 7th Jun
Hi all,

I’m going to Richer Sounds this weekend to look at some TV’s and potentially buy one there (seems the best place considering the 6 year warranty!)

I’ve read a few TV deals on here and see people putting them down due to RGBW or HDR or 8 bit panels etc and I’m looking for a bit of guidance really

What should I be looking for when I visit? Do the above things matter so much or is it people just being negative for no reason?

I’m looking for around a 55”-65” TV, not really settled on a size yet but I live in an old Victorian house that has massive rooms so I need a decent sized set.

When I go into the store what should be the main things I should be looking for in every TV?

I’ve read so many bad reviews of other brands who are apparently Vestel or HiSense or something and not the brand that’s actually on the TV so does that mean I should only buy the likes of LG/Sony/Samsung?

Cheers for any help, much appreciated
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What's your budget?
Oops! Sorry, budget can be up to and around a grand
It sounds like you're after a relatively cheap set and aren't interested in being an early adopter of new technology (i.e. spending ££££) or really picky about small picture details.

If that's the case then ignore the jargon as none of it is relevant to you.

I'd ignore the branding too. Hisense don't manufacturer for anyone else in the UK as far as I know, you may be getting the Sharp-branded models here mixed up with the US ones which Hisense did buy the rights for. The Sharp TVs in the UK are manufactured by a slovakian company called UMC who bought the rights when Sharp were in trouble but were themselves purchased by Sharp/Foxconn over a year ago now.

Go for the set that has the best picture for that sort of content you're using it for. A TV might look better than another when showing the top quality demo reel, but if it's going to spend it's time mostly showing SD TV channels then that's the quality which matters.
Hisense seem to be good value if you want a cheapish tv. Seem reasonable but personally I'd stick with Samsung/LG or Sony.

Having 10bit isn't always necessary for most people, Lots of people are happy enough with the fake 10bit panels ( 8+2 ) so wouldn't really worry too much.

I just think if you're going to spend that much on a tv you might as well get a 10bit panel like this Samsung, Just about the cheapest 10bit tv available on there if that's important.

Not sure if it's worth paying a little more for the Samsung Q series.

Don't judge the tv's on how they appear in store. They're often set up to try and sell certain models etc..
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