New TV - From Ebuyer Advice?

    Thinking of getting the 37" TV from ebuyer -…965

    Any advice, because im guessing its not digital ready so will need a freeview box but not to worried about that. Dont want to spend the loads just want a new TV and this one was good for price to size ratio


    I have the 32" version and think it's brilliant, as do most people. There have been a few duff ones, QC isn't up to Sony standards. but get a good one and your laughing. Set may take a week or two to bed in and you can see big picture improvements over time, but as with any of these things, you'll need to tweak the settings and it's only as good as the source. Mine honestly puts my dad's £900 Sony Bravia to shame and as long as you have realistic expectations, especially if you're converting from a CRT, then you can't go wrong.


    There are 98 reviews on ebuyer for this TV so doubt anyone could add much more that hasnt already been said

    Seems the TV is a year old model and more reviews here…ree

    Personally i wouldnt buy one without built-in freeview as I just hate having lots of remotes. I'd also go for a plasma 42" than an LCD but thats just personal preference. Would have to pay about £100-£150 more though.

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    Probz going to buy this now. With freeview im guessing i can buy any freeview box. Will i need any kind of leads for the HD at all? Not the best with the HD stuff?


    it wont be high def unless you play high def source material through it (e.g. blu-ray player, sky HD)

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    Now cant decide to get the 37", but would only just fit into my bedroom or the Vistron one i just posted -…916

    with in built freeview as well.

    I have this one! Its a fab tv, but buy it from BT shop online its alot cheaper!

    Oooo just looked its gone up in price it was only just over £350 a few wks ago!

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    Actually its more expensive from the BT shop, only by a few pence though, but being extremely heavy its going to cost more in delivery so not cheaper after all!


    Now cant decide to get the 37", but would only just fit into my bedroom … Now cant decide to get the 37", but would only just fit into my bedroom or the Vistron one i just posted - in built freeview as well.

    I would avoid cheaper TVs with freeview built as this tends to be the weak link, probably due to insufficient shielding. I know Hannspree's latest model with Freeview built in has had a few problems in that department.
    Standalone freeview boxes are cheap enough and just replace it if anything goes wrong. Also HD freeview should start to appear in 2009, so again going external could be best option to upgrade.
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