New TV - LCD, LED, 3D???

OK, so I have read more TV reviews than my eyes can take, but you can't beat the honest opinions of good ol' HotUKers!
So, Santa has got around £500-£600 to spend on a new telly for me and the wife (we've been very good all year). What's the general feeling nowadays on the best 37-40inch sets? Are Sony and Panasonic still miles ahead of the rest - or are LG and Samsung worth looking at?
And what's all the hype around 3D and LED - do you think it's worth paying extra for them when the TV would mostly be used for watching soaps and Cbeebies or playing the odd Wii game. Of course this would change if the telly had a built-in Blu-Ray player.
Any info on your experiences would be really helpful before we finally tell Santa which model to go for.
Thanks in advance,
Bobby (not the famous one) D.


Yould be lucky to get a 3dtv for around £500, its only worth it if you can afford extra glasses for everyone, you know where to download 3d content for and you can't wait for something better to come out. If all your going to do is watch standard tv and play the wii I wouldnt bother with a 3d at all.


LCD is basically LED with marketing

3dtv for £600 - lol unless you want a bedroom 26" one (if one exists)

I recommend google before asking in future......


LCD is basically LED with marketing3dtv for £600 - lol unless you want a … LCD is basically LED with marketing3dtv for £600 - lol unless you want a bedroom 26" one (if one exists)I recommend google before asking in future......

I recommend reading before you post!

Take a look at the Sony Bravia KDL40EX503U. Amazon have it for £610 but you get the VAT back making it about £520.
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TVs described as LED TVs generally refer to those using an LCD screen with LED backlighting. LED backlighting use less energy than the traditional method of using fluorescent backlighting and some also produce better blacks, in particular those that have a matrix of LEDs. Whether you are happy paying a premium for LED backlighting is your prerogative since LEDs are much cheaper to manufacture than the fluroescent lights used in traditional LCD TVs, yet the manufacturers and brands will charge more.

3D TVs require the use of shutter glasses which are controlled by radio frequencies that coincides with the display's frame rate.this makes the glasses expensive. The TV itself should NOT be expensive but once again the manufacturers and brands like to make a fool out of us and charge a premium.

3D TV without glasses is technically possible but I am not aware of such offerings.
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Thanks guys for your comments. OK, so I was being a bit optimistic looking at 3D - but it sounds like we wouldn't really need that luxury anyway.
The Sony that GAVINLEWISHUKD quotes sounds great. To be honest, we were going to go for Sony or Panasonic but wasn't sure whether we would be paying extra for the name rather than quality.



Obvious what they meant, just swap LCD and LED around.

I know its obvious what they meant. Just answering the silly question about why there is hype behind LED.

thought that was obvious - obviously not it seems oO



I recommend reading before you post!

See above - same applies to you lol
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