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HI I AM Looking for a new tv!
PS PLasma or lcd?

I have virgin + hd, xbox 360, xbox 360 add on, may get a ps3 in the future, AND ALSO want to hook to a pc or a media centre any recommendations?!

looking for a tv to suit these requirements AND be good with standard def aswell as hd movies and hd content

Any help?

Budget of £1500


hi what size screen do you want? as you got a tv drive i would say got atleast two hdmi ports, one for the tvdrive and one for the ps3 and maybe get vga for the 360. if your going to watch alot of sd then i would sugggest a plasma.

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i need at least a 42 inch

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will be watching also hd movies and also likely to get a ps3 but atleast another year for that!!

Plasma will give you a much better image quality but it is not as reliable as Lcd whereas with lcd the quality will not be as good but alot more reliable. If it was me id go for plasma.

most tv over here is still sd so plasma would be better. lcds are usually recommended for 37 or lower. lcds are also pretty crappy with sd, especially fast moving scenes like football. are you going to wall mount it? or do you want it with a cabinet or are you going to buy a stand a unit from ikea for example?

quite a few pioneer owners get something known as a dirty screen problem. pioneer customer care is rubbish aswell, i would suggest a panasonic px70 or spend a bit mre and get a px700. the px70 has been rated one of the best plasmas on avforums. regardless of what tv you get i suggest you get it from john lewis. a) they will price match others b) 5 year warranty c) you can buy buy john lewis vouchs with a mbna card and you will save 10% on the price of the vouchers

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not sure about nmounting probably get a stand form ikea or a cabinet

i have an LG lcd HD tv, 37" and it deals with SD picture very well, no problems when watching fast moving action such as football or motorsport. Personally i'd go for an LCD especially if you are going to watch a lot of HD, it will last longer than a plasma. BTW the PS3 looks stunning on it.

thats what im going to do, ok so theres obviously no point of getting one with a cab. pioneers next gen screens are coming out in july so might be worth waiting a month to see the reviews on them. if it was my choic at the moment i would go for the px700, if your going to use 5.1 sound alot then i would go for the px70.

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hey will price match others b) 5 year warranty c) you can buy buy john lewis vouchs with a mbna card and you will save 10% on the price of the vouchers

SHAll i try getting a mbna card
2.) which companies do they match ive heard quite a few good things
plus i have a friend who works in j l

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so the panny is that a plasma or a lcd?

yeah if you can get a mbna card then it will work out even cheaper. they price match quite a few companies as long as at that time of requesting a price match the items in stock and that they can work in to the store and see it at that price. not a price that the manager said he will sort out for you but the advertised price. jl employees also get 10% off so you might be able to get it for a cheap price.

i phoned john lewis and am trying to get them to match empire direct but need to wait five working days before they let me know.

edit/ px70 and px700 are both plasmas. the px70 also has a very good contrast ratio compared to the pioneer

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hi that is sure some good advice!
is there any that u know which are 46 and above?
ps are these both 1080p and do u reckon that its essential or not?

if you are going for a media centre i'd recommend an LCD purely because you will do damage to a Plasma leaving it on with pc type screen for long periods

but as a TV pioneer plamsa is the best you can get for reasonable money

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oh right ok cool do u have any rcommndations 4 a tv to go with a media centre?
or do u think that pioneer is good for a plasma?!

is 1080p [email protected]

no to be honest at 42" 1080p isnt needed, if you go bigger then 42" then it may be worth getting it, but at 42" the eye will hardly be able to see the difference. sure 1080p is better but at the size of the screen its not worth it. plasmas are not such a problem with screen burn any more unless you have it on a ridiculously high brightness and contrast. like your going to be watching alot of sd so for the reason i would recommend a plasma. best thing to do at the end of the day is go visit a store and have a look at the screens, richer sounds will let you take in your xbox 360 and let you connect it up.

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is it u know mate im gna add somerep!

To be honest screen burn on plasmas isn't nearly as much of an issue as it once was, the panasonics seem to be pretty much fine for normal use, although people would still recommend you running them in at reduced settings for the first 200 hours of usage as thats when its most prone to potential screen burn, after that you should be fine unless you leave something on screen for a day or something daft.

As phoenix said they're generally superior for sd viewing, whereas I would say lcds are probably stronger if you enjoy HD gaming.

Personaly I'd still go for the rule of getting a plasma if you're after a screen over 40" although LCDs do seem to be improving quickly

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not sure yet im researching for ages and seen prices fluctuate but il be getting one soon!!

well to be honest i may play the game but i have a 19inch hd ready but would be nice to play on the big screen 2!

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so much choice!!!!
whats the difference between 1366*768


wxga panels?

1366x768 is 720, i think you meant 1920x1080? that is 1080. wxga is the panel type

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thanks again and is wxga panel good?
have u bought ur tv yet? which one u going for?

hi to be honest im not to sure if the panel is anygood or not, some of the good screens out there have them and so does some of the crappy ones. yep got my call from john lewis today. getting a panasonic 42px70ped.

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let me know hpw u get on with it?
how long did u research?

yeah will do, well i decided how much i wanted to spend then did some reading from there. i started a few months ago but after reading a bit on avforums i knew that i would end up going for the px70. i then got a bit busy and wasnt really bothered with it but when i saw the offer that empier direct had with 10% off i got back in to it and phoned john lewis next week.

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cool any response from john lewis???

hi yeah i got the phone call from john lewis and the said they cpuld price match empire direct. i just need to go down there on saturday and pay for it as they would only accept the vouchers in person. the first two links you provided are both the same tv. all though the one from john lewis does not come with the ped. the third link is not the same. i managed to get john lewis down from £1100 down to £803.50 with the five year warranty that i wanted and the ped.

720p. had to add some text as i was getting told post is too small

My mate bought the Panasonic PX70 with the MBNA card vouchers and a price match from Empiredirect( from John Lewis).

Seen the screen playing Xbox 360 and 720P/1080P samples. Looks very good, nice black finish , much nicer than the silver finish on the PX60.:thumbsup:

looks like i wont be going to john lewis on saturday due to the royal mail strike i havent got the vouchers today.

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what model were u getting phoenix?>
the 42inch ?

how much was it at empire-did j l match using the extra 10% discount or is that price the 10% u saved biuyung with mbna carD?

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is that the one u got?!
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