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Found 5th Sep 2017
Hi all I'm after a new set up as I'd like to upgrade from my 11year old 40"sony that's still going strong but lacking in the connection area ie: only one hdmi port, I'm looking at 4k for future proof but not spending the earth would be ideal, & to add a decent soundbar would be great that can connect all connect to my sky q box? Looking at no more than £700 if achievable, Any advice would be appreciated.
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Sony loyal? Stick with them, they still make great sets. Although, perhaps hang on a bit longer and wait for OLED to settle in as the norm, it really is the future for TVs IMO.
Yes I did like the OLED but Omg how expensive!
Have you considered just getting a hdmi switch and a new soundbar? And waiting for the 4k to become more mainstream?
fluff457 h, 5 m ago

Yes I did like the OLED but Omg how expensive!

Yes, ATM. But this year the prices have dropped significantly faster than years previous. I'd wait if I were you.
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