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    Unsure on whats the best thing to do,had new tyres about 18 months ago the tread on them is 6mm {new 1s are 8mm} so like new i suppose but a few splits have appeared on outside of tyre,not deep splits just slight ones,local garage took a look and was told to just keep an eye on them as they are not that deep really at all but really unsure what to do am i wasting my money buying new ones or not,the thing is my husband does 50 miles a day motorway travel for work i know this does not seem a lot but just wondered what anybody else would do


    If you are concerned then I'd replace them, You shouldn't risk anything when it comes to cars, Perhaps you'll cause an accident worrying if their going to blow..!!.

    Also they could be under inflated, Make sure their the right pressure etc..

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    They are defo right pressure but thanx anyway for your feedback

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    i think i will just get em replaced for peace of mind


    i think i will just get em replaced for peace of mind


    I take it your not doing much mileage on them ??

    Cracks in the outside edge can mean a couple of things, under inflated, old tyres.

    If you look at the tread, do you have crack marks between the tread ?


    Have a look for the date on the tyres they could be very old…htm
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