New UK Driving Practical Test

Found 10th Nov 2017
The new Practical Driving Test will start on the 4th of December 2017.

Looking at the manoeuvres and the independent driving (20mins with GPS)
Do you think it will be easier to pass it ?

Can't judge it for at least f 6month/1year period obviously but by the look of it doesn't it seem easier then the old one ?

Sister's daughter turns 17 next year just in time to pass her driving she want to pass it quickly.I know everyone is different and it would depend on the person and all that but just a question.

Is it meant to be harder that's why they changed it?
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it's not about being harder or easier, it's to update the test for todays road behaviour and I think it does a good job of that - except for the removal of the corner reverse

anyway, I don't have my license, failed with 1 major 1 minor and didn't re-try, but to me this seems easier - but that's probably just because it sounds easier with there being 2 less possible manoeuvres, I think it's easier though because more independent driving in my opinion is just more calming - you don't worry about everything the instructor is saying .. and can just drive for half the test

I hope to get my license next year but have no interest in getting a car
driving tests should never be about being easy to pass its about making sure you have the right skills and are safe to drive on your own, reality is though some arent even safe to pass the test. It sounds easer that the current test though but thats from somene who past 30 years ago and all you had to do was drive correctly, reverse round a corner and emergency stop and even then people failed.
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