New USB drive with bad sectors

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Got a new USB drive today, Sandisk 256GB Extreme Pro from Amazon Germany, noticed it had 3 bad sectors straight away. Done a short and extended self test which it passed now doing a write and read test, it's now up to 4 bad sectors. The first 10% of the disk has quite a few slow blocks but rest of the disk is fine. Do you think I should send it back for a replacement? Or will it be OK?
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Fill it up and see if it corrupts or not, maybe fake

Else run a specific usb test like h2testw
a666andy18/05/2020 18:15

Fill it up and see if it corrupts or not, maybe fakeElse run a specific …Fill it up and see if it corrupts or not, maybe fakeElse run a specific usb test like h2testw

Yeah I did, it passed h2testw fine. I don't think it's fake. I can't get a replacement as it's out of stock, only a refund, thinking about it.
I would go for a refund. Also there is a chance that they will not want you to send it back.
I would send it back simply for the fact that it's an important tool for storage and you never will have confidence in it now no matter what... Especially when other usb drives are out there
I agree with these two, not worth the risk on a one of these sticks if you're intending to store stuff long term
I think ssd drives normally have a few bad sectors, if you replace it you'll likely have the same again. Not sure if it'd normal for those to increase on testing.. Maybe run a few more tests to see if its still increasing.
Sandisk have a fairly good returns scheme so it be worth contacting them to see what they say.
Yeah I'm thinking I might send it back now. Thanks all
I have had a few SSD drives but none have had bad sectors on arrival, wasn't happy it went from 3 to 4 either. It would be my main USB drive, I keep it backed up but still want it to be good.

Have done a return, they will send a replacement but says Jul 2nd as dispatch date! (as it's not in stock)

It's actually cheaper to send it tracked + signature rather than just tracked as tracked only has EU tax on top for some reason.
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