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Found 23rd Aug 2006

Was hoping someone can help me with this query. I have ordered a V3 phone from mobileshop.com and it has been delivered - 12 months free contract on O2. Phone looks new, but the box a little tatty outside and inside. It never said it would be a clearance phone so not sure if it is. It has not come with any software, headset or linkup cable, should it? It has only the charger and battery, is that normal for a new V3 phone?

Thanks in advance.
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Get in touch with them and ask about it. If you aren't happy with it then you'll be able to send it back within 7 days under the distance selling rules so get in touch ASAP.
The V3 pack (whether contract or PAYG) should include:

Phone (with protective film all over the phone - front, inside screen, keypad & battery cover which is in a seperate plastic bag)
Battery in a plastic bag
Charger (with protective film in a plastic bag)
Leather case (in plastic bag)
Belt clip (sealed SYN8631A)
Software CD
Data Cable (SKN6371B)
USB adaptor (SKN6182A)
Handsfree (SYN0896A)
Swing Tag (SYN1110A)

I had a similar problem with a V3i from Phones4u (which I returned under the 7 day rule yesterday). There were items missing, the protective film had been removed and reapplied, there was a red hair caught under it! Fingerprints on the supposed NEW phone.

It is totally dishonest for retailers to 'knock out' their returns as 'NEW' - probably because Motorola have announced several new phones (KRZR, RiZR, V3Maxx etc) which will replace the V3, V3i, V3m, V3x, L6, L7 handsets in the near future. Sounds like retailers are doing everything possible to get rid off the old stock.

Return it!

Pictures of the new phones : howardforums.com/sho…=15
How much did you pay for the V3i at Phones4U?? They do have a refurbished one on there...
The V3i was not a 'refurbished/clearance' unit, it was on O2 PAYG & cost £129.95.
Ooh, good you got it sent back early then. They may have sent a refurb one by accident?? They're currently selling them for £99.95.
Thanks to both of you for your comments, i will definately call them and try and get another one sent. I've shown it to a few people and each one said it doesnt look new from looking at the box, in and out, so its not just me. Hopefully, will get a new one sent out - lets see what happens.
OK - just an update. Spoke to them, and they have asked me to return and will be sending another out. They've also said they will pay for the postage, so looking good so far. Thanks again for the advice! - will add my feedback to the mobile site as soon as its all sorted...
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