New Video Game Name..?

Right guy's, i am designing and producing a website for a video game i am 'inventing'. The game itself is simular to GTA, True crime and those sort of gang/violence/crime games.

I need your help is coming up with a game for this game ? It doesn't have to be anything special, obviously shouldn't be too simular to any exsisting games.



Welcome To Gangtown...;) when you releasing this?
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Smack your bitch up

Mindless Violence for a Balanced Childhood


Smack your bitch up

Supports kinect controls.
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crimetime ?

the ben- dover series.

I need your help is coming up with a game for this game ?

call it
council estate.

brudders in crime blud


brudders in crime blud

ya catch ma boost? (_;)

gang bang

blud crime

Total Murkage.

band of brudders

bob will kill you.

H00D/The Hood


Britain 2010

A Day in Inner London
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A night in South London??

Shiv a Git



Just to confirm, this is a suggestion for a game name right? The question mark makes it look a bit like an invitation.

How about Epic Stabbery: The Legend of the Hoodie
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bit of both x

weekend in Glasgow/London/Liverpool/Manchester etc etc
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call it council estate.



bit of both x

I had a PM when I read this and was quietly hoping it was you furthering that invitation

Nothing quite so exciting, sadly.

True Gangster


True G

fun land

Menace to Sobriety

Your website could be called
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Original Poster

westealanycar!! ahaha, some of these are classics.. haha cheers guys!

Just to conform a name for a game, need something but funny could definately do!
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