New web page Deal OR NODEAL

    thought i would raise a thread as i thinks the new layout is pants!

    i would like all users input, as i think its shoddy compared to the old well worked layout!

    your comments please.

    are you a deal or a no deal , HUKD pay attention.....


    first impression...

    not too keen.

    No Deal... perhaps it should have been tested (hello Firefox!)

    I agree I don't like the new layout.

    Same here , don't like the new layout at all ! :x

    I don't like it

    dont like it
    it hurts my eyes:?


    Also... Submit! is a bit bondage...!!

    do not like


    No Deal... perhaps it should have been tested (hello Firefox!)

    It was tested. You just never know what will happen until something goes live.

    No deal!!
    even my sat nav is having trouble, too much too soon!!

    NO DEAL.....Put it back the way it was

    maybe it should of gone live in the new year?? when no one got any money to buy deals, wheres the smiles?? =o/

    The way the layout of the frontpage is looking you might as well change the name of this place to :-D

    The only thing niggling me at the moment is the colour scheme. Bring back the shades of olive and orange(ish) :santa:

    If anyone wants to reminisce...

    It's ****! I shan't be visiting as often as I can't find anything... the old site was clear and concise and clean!

    Come on HUKD put it right!

    I don't like it at's all ugly! What was wrong with it anyway?


    It's ****! I shan't be visiting as often as I can't find anything... the … It's ****! I shan't be visiting as often as I can't find anything... the old site was clear and concise and clean!Come on HUKD put it right!

    It's ugly and uninviting...doesn't feel as friendly! I don't like it. What was wrong with it anyway? :?

    I don't like the new site...BUT at least the search function works! I can actually type in a common word like usb and it searches...woohoo!

    Thats me back to frequenting MSE then.

    yip me 2

    site seems alot faster now, i dont mind either way a deal is a deal.

    Have to admit - I'm not keen...

    BUT I will give it time - I may adjust - or may not

    I dont think shoddy is the right word. The stuff is all there just takes time to get used to. In a ways it makes it better because all the things can be grouped together instead of haveing to look at them seperatly. So give it a chance

    I don't like it but do we need ANOTHER thread to complain about this?

    A Big NO DEAL.... Bring back the old style!!:oops::x

    It doesnt feel as homely anymore

    don't like it, the old site was much better

    No bl**dy deal!!!

    Original Poster

    its a big no deal from me!

    im a firefox user and to say that the website not displaying properly is down to ff is a load of dogtod, it just dont work!

    to coin a phrase,

    Dont **** down my back and tell me its rainin!

    the timing is poor to say the least!

    they should have set up a beta test option and had a common vote!

    What makes HUKD good is the people who use it!

    lose there confidence, byebye HUKD!

    Bring back the old layout! you did this heap of steaming dung overnight so put it right!

    very cross! :x

    [SIZE="4"]Can someone please start a poll about the new layout to see what layout the 'members' prefer. I would do it, but I can't even find how to start a new thread. I'm more lost than Lord Lucan!!![/SIZE]

    No deal. I'm not old, some changes are good but this is not an improvement. There was a reason why I used to look at HUKD 3 or 4 times a day, EVERY day. If the site needed changing so badly I think I wouldn't visit as often. The site seems slower now and messy.. and there's something about that green that isn't as inviting as the old colour scheme.

    Wonder what the usability guru Jakob Nielsen would think of the updates??
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