New Year appliance disaster

    Hi guys,

    The New year is here, and my appliances are falling apart, one by one !!

    I'm on the lookout for two items.

    1. Hoover - Not a big fan of the upright hoover, so a compact cylinder cleaner will be ideal - must have good suction.

    2. Washer/Dryer - got quoted £200 to fix my current one (3 years old) !! Must be silver though and at least 5kg load.

    Any help appreciated - cheers



    For your vacuum cleaner Chris, I'd really recommend Henry or Nilfisk....

    isnt there still a half price dyson deal with 5 year warrenty?

    Original Poster

    Cheers Em - you got any links ??

    Knewbold - is that the upright one though? My misses only wants the cylinder type hoover !

    the Henry vacuum,I have to agree with Emma,are very good and reliable.A lot of businesses use these for that reason.

    re the washer dryer this ]click seems a good price.

    hope this helps:)

    you can find the Henry ]here

    good price on dyson vac ]here

    Know it might be a bit late but dont go for this hotpoint. Same as mine which broke down within 3 weeks of delivery. Repair man said hotpoint are known for using reconditioned parts. Its now 2 years old and the dryer has never worked properly.
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