new year resolutions

So who made a new year resolution last year and kept it up?? Or better still who fell at the first hurdle!!!!
My new year resolution is to tell the boss what I think of her.


"My new year resolution is to tell the boss what I think of her."

"Boss, I think you're lovely and I'm so pleased to be working under you ! I look forward to being at your beck and call in the new year ! You smell fantastic today by the way. Is that a new perfume ? It really suits you !"
You weren't specific OP so I'm just guessing there. I could be wrong of course

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Quite the opposite she is a b**** and a C** and other things but its too rude to write. But I am such a lady!!!

My new years resolution is to go out more

"Quite the opposite she is a b**** and a C** and other things but its too rude to write. But I am such a lady!!!"

Well, I guess you realised I was joking somewhat in my last post
I'm planning on giving up the ciggies tonight after nearly 20 years of smoking.

I've had half-hearted attempts before but this time I'm incredibly determined, driven on by the fact my dad got throat-cancer a few months back through smoking (he's recovering now after a major operation) and he's been on my back to give up ever since.

15 minutes to midnight as I type this (and smoking like a chimney for old-times sake), then all my remaining cigs go in the bin.

I'm surprisingly confident and really want to give up this time.....Wish me luck !

Hi Martin HNY!
A tip if you want to quit smoking is to do a wee juice fast. It will help flush out the toxins and if you don't eat for 3,5, or 7 days if you can do that long is that you won't want a cigarette after your meal ;-)
Just drink loads of water,herbal teas,and juice some carrots,use a body brush to scrub yourself daily,and lots of showers,warm baths,and some walks in the fresh air,sorted.

[SIZE="4"]I was thinking about making a New Year's resolution, but what the heck -- why tamper with perfection?:-D[/SIZE]

Will pay more attention to the wife.(have to be careful in case her husband finds out)

I have one resolution in life: Be Happy!

I don't stick to it that often though, need to try harder.

Do the things I keep saying im gonna do, instead of just saying im gonna do them

This year I am going to get a new job and me and my fella are moving out of his dad's place :-D

My new years for 2007 was to quit smoking.

I am glad to say I have stuck with it, so 12 months without smoking :-D

My new year for 2008 is to look after my body - so basically, watch what I eat and perhaps go to the gym. I wont start all this til february probably, still got loads food from xmas to finish!

to get my piles sorted.................................

walk my dog more...........................

no2 depends on no1 - LOL
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