New Year Suggestions

What is everyone doing New Year & is does anyone know if anything good is going on in the Wrexham/Chester area?


must remember to break my new years resolution as tradition dictates.

We've been invited to friends ..... but not really looking forward to their manic 6 year old tearing around lol .... so am trying to decide where to go ourselves .... Chester is an option though as it's not so far from us, so if you find out what's going on there, let me know !

Sleeping off a weeks worth of drinking. In celebration of lickle baby J of course.:D
Rarely go out on new years eve as there is always trouble in the town. As in trouble getting served, trouble getting home, and trouble getting a snog off that fit bird at midnight just because she is with her muscle bound cute (No Homo) boyfriend.
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im sure cruise and rosies will be far too busy in chester bud
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