New Years Eve with Kids ....

    Anyone got any ideas where we could book for new year celebrations with the kids they are 5 and 7 so still quite young looked at centreparcs but sooo dear! and also butlins but there still on the expensive side as well let me know if you have any ideas or have stayed in a hotel somewhere that cater for kids at new year as struggling to find anywhere its all balls and black tie events lol ....???


    Cant fall off with centre parcs..
    Been taking my two kids who are now 4 and 6 for last 4 years and they love it.
    I know its expensive but worth every penny

    Haven or Pontins would be cheaper - not sure what they're like for new year though:thumbsup:

    We do a thing in the village for families. We hire the village hall, everyone brings their own food and drink. party games, ceilidh, dancing, disco. Chill out area for the kids with a couple of tvs and games consoles and movies in a wee room for the young ones - lots of bean bags if they get too tired and need a kip

    See the bells in, bit of a shindig till 1 then away home. Fantastic fun...just needs a couple of folk to organise. Kids really love it as they can play and join in.

    Poss not the answer you want but would thoroughly recommend it!!

    Would go with Haven as above

    Go to a club:whistling:

    think haven is closed at new year, however Butlins drop the prices come November and December and there is always availability.

    My mum and youngest sister live abroad but come over for a couple of weeks over the christmas period, so me and my 2 little ones go round my sisters (who has 3 kids) and we have a family evening there most years, competing against each other on the Wii, all playing board games together and so on. Nothing too exciting, but we all really love spending the time together as a family

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    what do they do at centreparcs for new year ?? i have never been so what are you exactly getting for £1,000 -2,000 spend out for around 3 days??
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