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    So i am going round the bend trying to book a break to New York for anytime from around 26th November up until xmas. I would like to go for a week, 5 nights minimum. I have found cheap flights from manchester and they are direct at £239 but when i look for somewhere to stay it costs a fortune and is nothing more than a box with a bed. I have been to New York before and understand that you dont actually spend that much time in the room, however i would rather have a reasonable place to stay and in a central location.

    Should i book the flights and try priceline closer to the dates and hope for a discount room, or will prices go up because of place and season that we are going in? My other option is to find a break that is flights and hotel included but to be honest im not finding any great ones either.

    Also we are debating leaving our son behind with my parents as we dont really think its the place to go with 15 month old but the thought of leaving him is making us sad. Is it really not the best idea taking him with us??? :thinking:

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help me out. Will be mucho appreciated.
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    Don't feel bad about leaving the baby at home,if you feel it be better going without him,then leave him at home.Its only a week,if it was me I'd rather leave him at home,oh I don't dump my children off onto people but going somewhere like that,there might not be so much for him to do,he ain't going remember any of it either really.


    I think you'll find that buying separate flight and hotels is the most expensive way of doing it. Try to get a Flight and stay deal all in one, lastminute and are 2 places to try.

    We took a 22 month to Toronto, its about the same flight time time (7-8 hrs), and its not the most pleasant experiences. Plenty of time to take kids later in life.

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    Its just i think it will be very difficult with him. we recently went to spain for a week and came home after 3 days as he really was a little monkey and it was not really feeling holidayish at all. He is at that age were he does not want to sit down and eat and is using major screaming fits to attract attention. We feel really bad thinking of not taking him but its actually for our engagement and to be honest the break would give us some grown up time. Having been before i also think it would be harder although not impossible to get around. He has already been to Thailand twice, tenerfie and spain so its not like he goes without. Why do i feel so guilty???

    Im off to work out how to remove a radiator as the little monkey has just dropped my phone down the back of it and it cant be reached without taking the radiator off. Children, you just got to love them.

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    Cheers for the advice so far.

    I used priceline in may and got the new york hilton for £65 per night and was delighted with the hotel.

    Me & my partner went to Paris last yr for Easter,we left the children at my Mums.Just sometimes you need go away on your own,I know 1 time we didn't have a night out for about 3 yrs,cos I was either pregnant breastfeeding and I won't drink if I'm doing either those,and then we didn't feel like going out in evening for a while later.

    You should book the flights as if you leave it and go back in a few weeks to book them the price will have gone up.

    The likes of and are booking the flight and hotel with different companies but putting it together in a package for you and adding their mark up on the hotel.

    A lot of people on here have used Priceline and seem to do pretty well with it, if it was me I would book the flights and then see what price I can get for a hotel as you know you can always use priceline.

    Have a great time!
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