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    I'm going to New York with my hubby on Christmas Day and we're thinking of buying a New York pass to get in the top attractions for free. Does anyone know the best place to buy these??? Also, does anyone have any suggestions for the best places to eat/shop/see/do etc???


    i just got back from new york, going to the top of the rockefeller building is an absolute must, try going about 4pm just as its getting dark the sights are amazing with everywhere lit up, also i went to woodbury common which is an outlet village so even cheaper than the shops, you can get the bus there tho its about an hours ride away well worth it

    yup i went to the top of the Empire State and the Rockefeller and have to say the Rockefeller is so much better!!!

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    Thank you both. I can't wait now!!! I'll definately be going to the Rockerfeller centre and The Empire state building. It might take a while to convince the hubby that the shopping trip is a great idea but I'm sure I can talk him round! lol!

    Thats where i bought mine and was the best price at the time. You receive a printed voucher which you take to Planet Hollywood restaurant at Times Square, just in the reception is where you get the card.
    Empire state building is an obvious choice but go during the day then the following night to get two perspectives. Take the ferry the circle line a 2hour trip, up and around the statue of liberty and all the main bridges. The Guggenheim musuem has some nice art pieces and the National history museum is also worth a look if you get the time.

    well you can always have a stroll up and down 5th Avenue! You'll get a discount at the major department stores if you show your passport too.. we got 10% discount on everything at Macy's and bloomingdales do it too.

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    10% sounds great to me. LOTS OF SHOPPING!

    walk across Brooklyn Bridge while the sun is setting, awesome views!! Worked in NY for 3 months earlier this year, cool place!!

    Look up trip advisor, loads of great ideas and help there, also some of this thread is good!…rk/

    You will love it! been there 3 time and want to go back again - soon!

    My sis is there right now with her boyfriend - they flew out yesterday, and i'm soooo jealous, even more so now that i've read this thread!

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    WOW! That thread has everything on it! Thanks for the link. I'm ready to go now...two weeks to go and counting.

    To second (or third) the above both the Rockerfeller and Empire State are both well worth doing (maybe one at day and one at night - v romantic!)...wrap up warm though it gets cold at the top!

    I thought Century 21 was good for bargain shopping when I was there (near 'ground zero') (although that has no doubt changed since the dollar/pound ratio has nosedived for us!), central park was nice for a stroll and the typical statue of liberty tour was very good.

    It's gonna be cold though so wrap up warm...the fact that it's all skyscrapers means the streets are like wind-tunnels and a cold wind it is!

    By far the best tip we had though before we went was the ticket outlet TKTS the on-the-day discount theatre ticket outlet near Time Sq ...because of this we saw a show almost every night we were there...and they were all bloomin excellent - if you like that kind of thing!

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    Thanks for that. I love shows etc so we were planning on fitting one in and that could be brilliant!

    Great, glad it's useful, we generally saved 40-50% off the face value tickets and all the seats we got were excellent too. in the 2nd row for one of them. See ]here for details (we used the one on 47th and Broadway)

    Although if you want to see a particular show I'd still pre-book if you're not flexible as tickets from TKTS don't cover every show every night as you can imagine.

    You should go to the Brooklyn Diner. 212 west 57st. The most amazing cheesecake you will ever have in your life. It's called the Strawberry Blonde and is out of this world. They also do foot long hot dogs which are great, as are their pastrami sandwiches. The booths all have little signs up to let you know which celebs have sat in that seat before you. Really nice place but you might have to go twice as the portions are so large you will struggle to eat a main and a dessert and it's definately worth going back for the cheesecake alone.

    TriBeCa Grill is also lovely for dinner. Down in the TriBeCa area surprisingly! Co-owned by Robert DeNiro it has loads of his old signed movie posters on the way to the toilets. The fillet steak is the best fillet steak I've ever had and it was quite reasonably priced too.

    If you have the time, both those places should be tried as you'll love 'em - I give you my guarantee.


    You should go to the Brooklyn Diner. 212 west 57st. The most amazing … You should go to the Brooklyn Diner. 212 west 57st. The most amazing cheesecake you will ever have in your life.

    If its better than juniors devil food i'll eat my hat.

    It is. I promise.

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    Lovely. Thanks diehardtiger. Cheesecake is my favourite dessert ever! Is it better than The Cheesecake Factory?????

    Have you seen the weather over there at the minute? Just had a massive ice storm!!

    We are going to NYC in Feb, we re getting our NYPass from - [url][/url] or you could get it from here too -…ews
    As someone already mentioned, Trip Advisor is great for getting loads of information on where to go and when.
    Hope you have a fab time! Let us know how you get on.

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    We're gonna freeze!!!!! Just been out today and bought massive coat and long boots etc. Just hope the plane can land!
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