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I'm looking to take the other half to New York from 1st - 5th Jan 2009 for her 30th birthday. There appear to be some reasonable flight deals with Virgin and BA at the moment (around £330 pp).

The question is are the flights likely to come down in price between now and then? If so, when do they offer the deals etc? What would be a 'good' price for these flights?

Also, hotels in NYC currently look really expensive. Not sure what I was expecting, but a decent hotel is looking like £500+ for 4 nights. I was hoping it would be around £50 per night... Do hotel prices in New York come down considerably nearer the time? Would it be a realistic (and cheaper) option to fly out there and just turn up at a couple of hotels to see what they can offer? I'd prefer to avoid this as I like to be organised, but just exploring options.

Thanks in advance.


try the embassey suite its really nice and cheap

Normal price is about £240 so it should come down. Cheap hotel for info is The Bentley Hotel (half price of the rest (£75 pppn) and has amazing panoramic views overlooking Queensboro Bridge). Pay on departure so you can reserve online and pay when you leave....


Hotel prices seem to remain the same all year round.

I have just been on expedia, and they price on their is showing £511 pp incuding flights, staying at Radisson Lexington Hotel New York (very nice)...


yeah, depends on where you're flying from, london, 230+. i fly from newcastle which is around 280+. depends on what type of place you want to stay at. you can get hald decent for £75 a night.

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Cool - if I can get flights for under £250 from London, that will be fantastic. I'll look into the other hotel links - thanks for the info.

Is there a particular time when flights come down, or is it just one to keep an eye on?

Try [url]www.agoda.com[/url] for your hotel. We used this site twice when going to New York and always got really good prices for accommodation.

We stayed in the New Yorker, next to Madison Square Garden which was really nice, clean and comfortable. We also stayed in The Carter, in the centre of Time Square which was amazingly cheap (£50 for 3 nights) but a little rough (not for a romantic break, more a cheap weekend). Both times been really happy.

Your biggest problem will be finding good restaurants. We've never found one, where are these restaurants that they eat in, in Friends? I love New York and would move out there tomorrow but that's the only draw back, the food!

A really nice thing to do is the Dinner Cruise. You have to get all dressed up (suits and dinner dresses) and you get taken on a large boat down the Hudson River to the Statue of Liberty and back again. You get a 3 course meal and there's dancing afterwards. You start off going down the side of Manhattan Island past the Financial District and because it's early evening, none of the skyscrapers have their lights on but by the time you come back, all the skyscraper lights are on and it looks amazing. It's a very romantic evening. We used [url]www.keithprowse.com[/url] for this and our Broadway tickets and Helicopter ride, really good prices even compared to what you get while your out there.

Enjoy your trip - if you start saving now, you should have enough for all that shopping!!!!

iam also looking for jan 18-22nd 2009, i am stuggleing. I have noticed people on here recommend the bentley hotel, so been going with that i got a price for 4 nights in that hotel on the dates i want with flights from mancheste to ny nework (not sure about the difference in airport on new york does anyone know??????????) the price fo two is total £1325 is this a good price its with first choice they did i all seperate??
whats the difference in the wellington and benley hotel? as thats the cheaper option????? please can anyone give me advice before i book, i feel bettr going with first choice as u can alswys go into the shop, but am i paying alot more for this with the price given?


not sure about the difference in airport on new york does anyone … not sure about the difference in airport on new york does anyone know??????????)

JFK is the closest airport to Manhatten island - get a shuttle bus from the airpot to your hotel its much cheaper than a cab and wont take you on a scenic tour on the way there as the price is set

thanks janz, i have now changed my mind thinking that i have got a good deal on the intercontintal barcly which is ment to be 5 * but is more 4 * its on east 48th street and for two in jan flying tp jfk with BA its £1264 for 4 nights i am thinking this is a good price read reviews and it seems all good plus i know someone who has stayed there.
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