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    I'm off to New York at some point in mid-late May, which websites can I visit which give me shop prices for shops in Manhattan for say trainers and electronics? - I saw the deal on the Advent tablet at Dixons in airports and wondered what it would cost in NY in the shops and how I'd find out.

    Assuming it's cheaper what are the drawbacks of purchasing in NYC vs Duty Free?


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    well yeah but I was kind of hoping for a more informed view from somebody who had actually been there. I'm guessing much like London that one could purchase trainers or say an Advent tablet from hundreds of shops.

    So yeah, thanks for the post but funnily enough I'd already thought of your suggestion

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    Oh and tbh trainers was a less important side of things - I guess it was more from an electronics perspective. As I said, sparked by the Advent tablet thing - though this will mostly have online deals.. - electronics

    for trainers, search google for "footaction", "modell's sporting goods", "sports authority", "payless shoesource"
    however, in my experience, trainers are much cheaper in london than NY...
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    Thanks mate. The trainers was a bit of an afterthought so I reckon I'll just have a wonder around and see what I find in that regard. Electronics wise it's good to have a bit of research sorted first!

    I should add that shopping i not the main point of the trip (it;s work)

    Best place for shopping is Woodbury common...

    In Manhattan itself things aren't really any cheaper. It is touristville and the NY sales tax adds 10% to the tickets price. Best bet is to head over to one of the malls in Jersey though its not really the nicest day out compared to a day in the city. Watch out in the electronics shops around Midtown they specialize in ripping tourists off.

    The tourist info centres in Manhattan are brilliant. They offer loads of advice including very good discount coupons for all kinds of attractions. Times Square may be easiest for you to find as i cannot remeber the actual one i went into :…tml

    I would second the trip to Woodbury common. It's a fashion outlet with gucci, tommy hilfiger and the like sort of shops. Prices are about 50% off normal prices and if you go on the bus from New York you get a free discount book that you collect at the village. I bought a pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans for £20 when I went a couple of years ago. It is a full day out if you like your fashion shopping.

    Woodbury Common is fantastic for clothes shopping, spent too much money there!
    Not so good for electronics though

    Check out this website for an idea of prices, maybe look at Best Buy or Target when you're out there

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    Thanks people, I'll bear all of this in mind - useful stuff

    Century 21 opposite Ground Zero is a good place for designer bargains. Be prepared to spend a good few hours rummaging though as its a big busy place and very chaotic but I spent a small fortune in there buying handbags amongst other stuff lol.

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    By the looks of it you're allowed to bring back about 360 quids worth of stuff. I doubt I'll spend that much on clothes and electrics so I should be okay!

    Thanks again for the tips people

    Take the tags off the some of the clothes as if you brought them with you (if you happen to buy a lot)

    For electronics try B&H Photo - it's worth a trip even if you don't buy anything!
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