New York Theatre Tickets

    Looking to go and see Wicked when i am in New York between 27th May to 31st May.
    Anyone know the best place to purchase these?
    Thanks in advance.


    You can purchase discount tickets from Times Square on the day of the performance, there's a little booth under the viewing platform.


    For the broadway shows there is a ticket stand in the middle of Time … For the broadway shows there is a ticket stand in the middle of Time Square that sells highly discounted tickets to the broadway and off-broadway shows on a daily basis for same evening shows....I went around 6pm and got a ticket to see the Broadway show 'Chicago' when it first started and it only cost $20.

    The poster above also noted the same on another thread...

    Yes I'll second that. When I went to New York we got tickets from TKTS (that's the name of the ticket stand/company) for 4 of the nights we were there at a fraction of the face value of the tickets.
    It can get busy queuing though (and that was when it was freezing in February).

    Look up TKTS in Google (one example ]here)

    Well worth it though, one night we got tickets for Chicago about 15 minutes before the show started, literally ran to the theatre round the corner and found we had tickets for centre of row 4...awesome...cost us about £60 rather than £150+ for two.

    If I remember rightly think it was cash only at the booths though (although this might have changed since then)

    The main problem with the TKTS booth is there is no guarantee they will have tickets for the show you want, on top of the queing and paying in cash etc etc.

    I bought my spamalot tickets from:

    they were the cheapest I found and you print your tickets from home, so you know you have them before you leave for holiday .

    i saw wicked last summer and booked tickets on managed to get front row for around $25!
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