Newcastle Night Out - Dresscode Advice

    Need some much needed advice regarding the dress code for a Saturday night P*** up in the toon. Me and my mates are all students so will be hoping to hit that area and all the others tiger tiger, llyods etc etc. So is it as strict as people say (shoes and shirt only) or is it ok with some things such as plims, tshirt?



    fat and topless is the Newcs dresscode


    fat and topless is the Newcs dresscode

    yeah and it puts you off ya beer, why do the women do that ?


    Very skimpy top and a skirt that looks like a belt.

    Dunno what to wear if yer a wummin though :-\

    It depends where you're trying to get into, bars etc dont care, liquid and tiger tiger wont let you in if you're wearing trainers. Its really only footwear they care about, t-shirts tend to be alright.

    :x students huh

    you all gonna share half a shandy for 6 hours?:w00t::w00t:
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