Has anyone heard of newnet? the package they offer looks just what i want

    Is anyone with them currently that can give me some comments?

    thanks in advance


    Newnet are one of the better providers.

    Newnet have/are about to impose an exit charge, it may be worthwhile checking.

    Let us know what your requirements are, there may be better deals with another good company like Newnet.

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    Well, ideally i'd like 8 meg, unlimited downloads, monthly contract, static IP all for around what i pay now which is 17.99 in vat

    i know newnet have a 12gb package, which should be fine, so anything above 10gb would be ok too, but i'd rather not have to worry about it

    I would also prefer not to be on someone like plusnet who prioritise traffic. I'm with with 8 meg, unlimited downloads, but now it seems they are extremely slow, and last time i tried to download something large, the connection slowed down so much it was unusable and i couldn't even browse web pages or read email, hence the decision to move

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    what's an exit charge?


    what's an exit charge?

    Where you have to pay to get out of your contract or leave the service. :thumbsup:

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    [SIZE=2]trouble is, i'm on a good contract with, but if i move and want to come back, i'll be on a much worse contract[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]then again, what i'm getting now is rubbish, one day it was 0.1mbps, i kid you not[/SIZE]

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    oh, and if anyone is thinking of moving to virgin media, take a look at this speed test result i just did…tml
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