Newquay Holiday - Any Ideas what to do?

    I've going to Newquay for five days with my hubby and kids (7 and 9) - does anyone have some good tips on what to do (or not)? I'm half thinking of taking the bikes - any ideas of any good cycle tracks?

    Thanks - Debs



    Surfs up =]

    You can download some maps and guides here…php

    If you phone the Newquary tourist information centre they will probably send you a free Newquery guide.

    Take them to the nightclub Barracuda. Had some awesome nights in there 2 years ago when i went.

    when i said to our lass i fancied going on a nookie holiday she gave me a slap

    Avoid the place like the plague - especially with your kids!

    I lived there for 4 years & I've said on here before, it's the most over-rated, run-down hell-hole you could ever visit.

    The beaches are nice on some days & that's about it. The town centre is run-down, scruffy & full of weirdos & druggys. It's basically a street full of charity shops, shops selling tat/rubbish & expensive bars & night-clubs. If you go at a weekend, be prepared for stag/hen parties parading up & down the street, dropping their pants, peeing everywhere & throwing up.

    The local council in its wisdom have allowed all the family-based attractions & hotels to be demolished so nowadays there's just a load of half-built flats & wasteground everywhere.

    The main reason we moved away like so many other people was because we didnt want our kids subject to such a bad environment. It's a shame because only a few years back, it used to be a cool place with a good surfy vibe & a clean way of living.

    I would advise for cycling & activities go further North - the Padstow-Bodmin Camel trail is really nice & popular with cyclists - about 12 miles north of Newquay. This would be a nicer base from which to plan your holiday with the children as well. Loads of other stuff to do around there as well.


    In Holywell Bay, just down the road, there's a small fairground kind of area the kids would like. You just buy tokens for the rides you need.

    Perranporth is also a nice place which is not too far away…th/

    Original Poster

    I know Perranporth as my friend has a chalet there but we thought we'd try Newquay as the kids are a bit older - however looks as though its going to be wet!

    What is Holywell like - it doesn't give prices which makes me nervous!! Do you think it would amuse the kids for a day? Thanks

    go to Eden. [url][/url]

    d-j mitch;4834511

    What is Holywell like - it doesn't give prices which makes me nervous!! … What is Holywell like - it doesn't give prices which makes me nervous!! Do you think it would amuse the kids for a day? Thanks

    I can't remember what the prices were, i think they were reasonable. It won't do you a whole day, but it will give you a morning or an afternoon, there's not that much there, if you look at the map on the website, but it's enough to kill a good few hours. The crazy golf is good there, think the little ones should be old enough to play it.

    Holywell Bay was good, my kids loved it, also Newquay zoo is nice
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