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Found 20th Oct 2009
Approx 3 weeks ago I put a personalised plate on my car, Now i've just realised that I have done nothing to let the insurance company i need to contact them or will they automatically know from the dvla..?
Thanks in advance for your help.


i would phone them, they will take any excuss to invalidate a claim should you need to claim!

yes you will need to let them know, just call them up and when they update your reg number plate because we got stopped by the police as our reg didnt match the insurance but the car did if you know what i mean :oops: we got a telling off from them but nothing more but you, dont rely on dvla as the details wont change and your insurance therefore will be invalid if someone crashes into you :thumbsup:

You need to let them know ASAP, as technically the car under the old reg. doesn't exist, and technically your insurance is currently void! If you were stopped by the police, and asked to produce your documents - you would not be able to produce anything that states that your car is insured. (which is obviously a criminal offence)
When I did it for my car - it was just a quick phone call - they took the new reg. details, and reissued the policy.
I would get onto this ASAP though mate.


contact the insurance company - however, depending on who they are, they might charge a 'small' fee for the change.
Let us know how you get on..

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All sorted now, i rang them and all they needed was the new plate number, no charge(i'm with esure) was mentioned and they're now sending out new paperwork....which may take a while with the current strikes!
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