News: Flybe ceases trading and cancels all flights

Posted 28th Jan 2023…500

Airline Flybe has gone into administration and cancelled all flights to and from the UK.

A statement on the airline's website said it had "ceased trading" and told any passengers expecting to travel with it not to go to the airport.

It added that it would not be able to help passengers arrange alternative flights.

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said it would provide advice and information to those affected.
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  1. joanddan7's avatar
    Second time they’ve “gone bust” in a short time. I wonder if this second time is some sort of scam. Sold off cheap on agreement of employment secured and not a sell off of assets and now the assets will be sold off and someone will make a killing.

    my sympathy lies with the staff and those who have flights booked it’s gonna be messy for both sets (edited)
  2. jungleboy123's avatar
    state of some of these airline companies
  3. SDBradfo's avatar
    I have a flight booked through MyTrip in June. Is it safe to book another flight assuming I will just get an automatic refund?
    Deedie's avatar
    You would need to speak to my trip about your refund. If you booked direct with Flybe you wouldn't be getting a refund.

    As for booking another flight. If you need to make the trip, then you don't have an option. You just won't be flying with flybe
  4. innocent's avatar
    Won't be surprised if it came back in some guise or another, somebody trying to make a quick buck. Such a shame for flybe to go under for all affected.
    Kammykay's avatar
    FlyCee 😏
  5. Rmcstar's avatar
    LNER are accepting tickets I think for affected customers
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