News from the year you were born in.

    What was happening in the year you were born?

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    Original Poster…stm

    Kennedy assassinated. Profumo resigns. The Great train robbery.

    Waits for Deeky to post

    New pedestrian crossings cause chaos.


    Waits for Deeky to post

    this was built

    Rebel cricketers face storm of protest.

    Pope makes historic visit to Canterbury, Mark Thatcher missing in Sahara, 'God's banker' found hanged

    Britain joins the EEC.....

    There was a referendum on membership of Europe, the Tories gained a female leader and a team of outsiders from the East Midlands were football league champions.

    18 year olds vote for first time.
    Hendrix dies.

    The King recorded Heartbreak Hotel.

    Death of Churchill. Ronnie Biggs escapes from prison

    My mother was in the maternity ward.

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    Ellie Phant

    My mother was in the maternity ward.

    What, for the whole year?:{
    You must have been a big baby!

    Gary Glitter was No.1 on the day I was born.
    Must hunt down the single and display the vinyl sleeve in a frame..............

    First US rocket lands on moon, Marilyn Monroe found dead, Cuban missile crisis ends.

    Missing Scottish bear is found
    The bear who went missing on a Scottish island while being filmed for a Kleenex television commercial has finally been recaptured.
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    Buddy Holly killed in plane crash.
    I'm very old! X)
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