News of the World offers £250,000 reward

    +++++++++ NEWSFLASH +++++++++ The News of the World today announces a 250,000 pounds reward for information directly resulting in the arrest and conviction of the Suffolk Strangler. If you can help: - Text us on 63300 - E-mail - Ring us on 0845 35 63300 Conditions apply.


    er remove those links pls? lol
    they don't work and look awful

    proper news url:…tml

    they provide a nice jpeg url:

    Hopefully he will be catched soon, i hate these sorts of things!

    Original Poster

    Crap links now removed schizo.They did look awful,didn't they.Never checked the post after posting,was in a rush.:santa:
    Just pasted and copied from an email they sent me (don't know why or how they sent it to me).

    Ahhh explains the javascript, wouldn't work on on forums

    I suppose I'm more morbidly curious about the type of person doing this, they are very precise and careful so wonder what their training or profession is
    BBC1 spending over 15mins covering this one item alone, if i were polotically sceptical I would assume the home office must be desperate to have this one caught before the xmas is upon us

    I'm off to Ipswich with my magnifying glass.
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