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Found 28th Jun 2007
Today at Heathrow there was total gridlock, the following is a hint at what actually brought the place to a standstill -

Flights to and from Heathrow have resumed after they were halted due to a gas leak near the airport.

No planes were taking off or landing at the west London airport after a gas pipe was ruptured by a digger at a construction site.
The British Airports Authority (BAA) said operations on the southern runway were temporarily halted, but had now returned to normal.
But it has warned passengers and staff of major traffic problems in the area.
Exclusion zone
The A30 Great South West Road closed between the A312 and Hatton Rd. The eastern "Perry Track" (Perimeter Road) is also affected.
The Heathrow Express is operating a normal service and the Piccadilly Line is also open, but is not stopping at Hatton Cross.
A BAA spokesman said: "Earlier this afternoon, a gas pipe on a construction site to the east of the airport was ruptured by a digger. "For safety reasons, an exclusion zone has been set-up by the emergency services and roads around the area have been closed."

Well that is the story they want you to believe :w00t:

Now here is my take on events -

Somewhere around midday there was a report of a ruptured gas main around Hatton Cross so the Police closed the Hatton Cross area down to all traffic. Due to the location of Hatton Cross, the gas pipe and the planes landing at Heathrow it was decided to cancel all flights into and out of Heathrow.
It just so happens that at the same time a Tony Blair was saying his goodbyes to friends and foes in London and was making his way to Buck House to tender his notice to the Queen at 1 o'clock. At 2 o'clock a Gordon Brown was also on his way to Buck house to collect the keys to #10 which he did by leaving at 3 o'clock. Having checked out the deco and having a quick cuppa the song and dance was over about 4 o'clock. Now this was also the same time that Hatton Cross was declared safe and the airport reopened to accept flights again.

Now if you don't know, planes landing or taking off from Heathrow have to fly over London and so as not to cause any problems there today, I say that the 'gas leak' was done to close the airspace over London and therefore make London a safe zone or a no fly zone by creating a controlled air space in case anyone got any ideas.

Oh I am sure the papers will have a picture of the yellow gas pipe that was damaged but how coincidental all this was while there was no Government in power. Heathrow has two runways so if one was shut the other one could have been used, but they decided to close both, therefore creating a controlled no fly zone over London.

Now which story of events do you believe in? and I am sure there are other cases where something is blamed for closing a place down but some clever people know different.

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Sounds about right :thumbsup:

Cock and bull story to stop the panic mongerers getting carried away no doubt till Mr Brown was cosying up behind his new desk.
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