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    Looking for the best newsgroup subscritption in case theres a better deal than my current one.

    I'm currently with astraweb and just use the pay by download (180GB for $25) as this has lasted me longer than I thought and so is cheaper for me than pay monthly.

    I don't know of other providers apart from Ngroups however they don't offer the same service.

    Thanks in advance!


    I'm with astraweb. I'm $11 for unlimited. Check the site, it should be there

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    Yeah I'm not really looking for a pay monthly as the 180GB has lasted me longer than 3 months, and my downloading isn't going to change soon either so pay by download is best for me.

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    anyone else have any ideas?

    astraweb $11 unlimited works well for me downloads at 2.4mbps on a 20meg pipe can not complain and the retention is excellent +600 days
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