Found 14th Jun 2011
I'm hoping someone can give me an insight.
If I ever download, I used megaupload, but unfortunately, theres not a lot of links available on it.
Could someone explain newsgroups and SSH( I understand this makes it abit safer?) and the best to use!


You mean SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which basically encrypts the data between you and the Usenet hosting company. Your ISP 'could' see what you download on a normal connection, but this won't be of primary concern as you'll be downloading legal files, of course.…ide

Some ISPs provide newsgroup access, but this is often restricted to certain groups. If you're a frequent user, I'd recommend paying for a service like Astraweb.

Software wise, I'd recommend Alt.Binz . . . and QuickPar to repair any broken files.

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My bad, I meant, SSL yep!
So does this prevent ISP from seeing what I'm downloading - just trying to get my head around it really.
And so are newsgroups basically glorified torrents?
What's the benefits of newsgroups over direct downloading?
Cheers, appreciate your reply.

Not sure ya should be talking about this on here but yes SSL is encrypted. The ISP will still see where you are connected to but not the data transfered. Well they can't see what the data is but if you download 3 gigs they know you have downloaded 3 gigs.
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Direct downloads obviously fragmented amongst the many providers, newsgroups can be accessed whoever your chosen provider.

Most direct download providers have a limit per day, newsgroups are paid for either by a bulk amount of data with no time limit, or unlimited data.


So does this prevent ISP from seeing what I'm downloading

In theory, yes.


And so are newsgroups basically glorified torrents?

Not really, two very different beasts, but now commonly used for the same purposes.


What's the benefits of newsgroups over direct downloading?

Newsgroups are generally faster, more secure, more reliable, don't rely on seeding/re-seeding and ordinarily have much better retention (file availability). But this often comes at a financial cost to get good quality access to the newsgroups as well as a small learning curve to get the hang of it.

Just to add, Newsgroups are pefectly legal, provided you are using it for Linux distros or other such uncopyrighted material, such as myself.

dip your feet in the water.
Hitnews 3 day trial, no card details required
nzbmatrix $10 for 7 years (1100 days retention) (non VIPs get 20 days retention)
if you like newsgroups, you can either pay monthly ot buy data blocks which is like pay as you go
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I'm sure VIP was lifetime when I joined 2 years ago. Anyway it's not $10 it's £7.

Pretty sure it was the same with me, but it has changed now and VIP lasts for 10 years (new members maybe?) still a bargain mind you

Yep saves a lot of donkey work. Another good site is

A bit messy compared to NZBM but good nonetheless.

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Oh dear, all sounds a little confusing to me!!
I can get the hang of programs pretty quickly though - so I'll look into it!
Can anybody provide me with a good SSL?

Most newsgroups offer free SSL, on the ipod here so copy and paste is a pain to do properly,
Whoever you go with will have the info and the details to input into your news reader client.
Not tell a lie mate, it did confuse me at first but once you do it once, it is then a piece of ****

I'm on astraweb's $11 (about £7) a month unlimited deal. Price is normally $15 but follow the link from nzbmatrix to get the lower price.

For a client I use sabnzbd+, just add the nzb into it and it downloads repairs and extracts, once It's all set up it's as easy as using torrents only much faster.
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