NewsLeecher and Grabit Preparing for Big Updates

    There's some news stirring about the venerable Usenet newsreaders NewsLeecher and Grabit. NewsLeecher is an elaborate newsreader with tons of features that makes browsing the newsgroups a breeze. Grabit is also an excellent newsreader for browsing the many newsgroups, but it's beginning to show its age with respect to the more prolifically developed applications such as Unzbin or SABnzbd+.

    Since Grabit has been collecting dust the longest, let's talk about that first. According the, the home of Grabit, development is moving forward on Grabit 2.0. One of the most important changes overall is support of Mac OSX - but that release wont deploy for quite some time.

    "We hit a road block during the development of GrabIt 2.0. We where hoping to be able to launch GrabIt 2.0 at the beginning of this month, but we realized that one of the libraries we used to make the application run on Windows and OSX just can't do the things we need."

    But that doesn't mean a new Grabit wont appear soon - in the interim, Ian Shemes (the developer of Grabit) is readying 1.7.2 beta 4 for release at the end of this month. A new release of Grabit has been vacant since 2009 - which technologically speaking might as well be the 1970s. The beta 4 release should add some feature and bug fixes.

    NewsLeecher has a new beta available. Although 4.0 final was just released a short time ago the NewsLeecher development team is wasting little time on the next version.…ory

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