newsnight with paxman

Anyone else watching paxman just ripped into danny alexander just looked like a scared rabbit caught in the head.lights.Doesnt exactly fill me with confidence if he lasts over the next few years.What you all think?


They're All Spoon-fed Toffs

Another Micheal Howard incident would be funny, or even a Boris Johnson one.

Were Labour so different in `97 with the media?


They're All Spoon-fed Toffs

I agree.

I didn't see the Paxman interview but I can imagine it.

George Osborne is getting his salary for what??
I saw PM Questions the other day and Kenneth Clark was there with May and Hague and Clegg. Where was Georgy Porgy?
Now they've bundled in another lame nonentity,Danny Alexander, dodger of CGTax, implementer of public section cuts - fall guy.
At least Laws was considered capable and intelligent.

The Torygraph paints Osbourne as a John Major type when it comes to public relations of any kind and that he's quite astute etc so should be good as Chancellor.

Osbourne wants to cut 20% spending mirroring the 90s Canadian cuts, 20% of 700billion = £140billion, which is going to hurt, but then GDP is 2.2trillion...

£140billion taken from the £200billion in benefits would be very interesting.

Strange that none of them made any mention of the cuts in their election campaigns.

They wonder why we don't trust them.:roll:

Wonder if Paxman asked him about these alternatives for dealing with our "economic problems"?

Collect the estimated £123 billion of taxation avoided and evaded by the rich and multinationals every year

Restore corporation tax and income tax levels for the rich to the levels of the 1980s and bring in at least an extra £35 billion

Don’t replace Trident ­nuclear missiles and save up to £97 ­billion over the next 20 years.

Didnt see newsnight. The zzz's kicked in. But see I'm not the only one awake now with the early mornings.
Thing that gets me in all this is that everything is being blamed on mis-management of the economy but for some reason half of Europe is going down the same route of debt reduction at the same time. Now maybe its just the cynic in me but maybe this has got more to do with all the governments need to pay down debts following the worldwide bank bailouts.
So yes. We have paid once and now are expected to pay again.
Important point though, is that if every country reins back in their spending it could likely lead to widescale depression (aka 1930s). Well George at least attended a few history lessons so he should know a bit about that. Faith in our leaders is just whats required.
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