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    Hi I am currently using grab-it for the downloads of free-ware...

    but I'm only wanting to download between the hours of midnight-8am are there any newsleecher programmes that let yeah set a time restriction?



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    cheers barney... left rep

    The one, the only..Sabnzbd

    Newsleecher is the best you will find. Highly customisable and even comes with a search facility. Will also check, repair and extract all the files once downloaded.

    I use newsbin pro but isnt free unless..........

    Sabnzbd links directly with the website with the Sabtab extension - 1 click downloads is the greatest invention evar! It can schedule downloads, get NZBs using RSS feeds, auto-rar/par and has a extremely low footprint due to the fact it doesn't need a GUI - it runs completely in the browser. Best of all it is open source!


    I use newsbin pro but isnt free unless..........

    I'll second that. I used a few and finally settled on Newsbin Pro.
    Regular updates too.
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