Newton Faulkner

    Anyone heard his stuff ?

    Just seem him live at a concert in regents street (along with madness) and he was suprisingly brilliant. Got the crowd going and im definately gonna download his albums.…n+f


    He's well cool! Has done a cover of Massive Attack and Bohemian Rhapsody and they're fantastic. Dream Catch Me is probably the most recognised.. listen to it here…ei8
    I saw Madness a few years ago in Finnsbury Park - they were awesome too!

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    definately. I got an mp3 of the show so will upload it tomorrow (its of the crowd singing to madness)

    Newton Faulkner is brilliant, his songs are well written but also very catchy ...

    I loved his first album and looking forward to listening to his new one.

    Lets face it, anyone with a cake in their name has got to be cool, right?

    [SIZE=1](His full names is "Sam Newton [SIZE=2][COLOR=magenta]B[/COLOR][COLOR=yellow]a[/COLOR][COLOR=magenta]t[/COLOR][COLOR=yellow]t[/COLOR][COLOR=magenta]e[/COLOR][COLOR=yellow]n[/COLOR][COLOR=magenta]b[/COLOR][COLOR=yellow]e[/COLOR][COLOR=magenta]r[/COLOR][COLOR=yellow]g[/COLOR][/SIZE] Faulkner" in case anyone was wondering )[/SIZE]

    Ha! Yea I was wondering what type of cake a "Newton" was!!! Thanks for enlightening me!!

    Used to be in Massive Attack I believe.

    Does a wicked acoustic version of 'Teardrop' also did a most excellent version of the Sponge bob theme on Jo whileys Live Lounge a while back.
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