Found 5th Jun 2010
Is back, for those who don't already know.

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Hi thanks for the heads up. Missed it.

All seems very peculiar that the new owner who goes by the pseudonym of "Mr White" has a completely up to date database AND the code for the website which he/she claims to have obtained through a successful hacking operation...

To me it sounds like a phoenix. The old owners lost the court case and realised that they had no option but to kill the site and sever their personal links to it... but before doing so made a copy and either sold/gave it to "Mr White"...

Either that or its an MPAA/RIAA HONEYPOT foil hat> designed to lure existing members in and then subpoena the IP address of any user that uses the site in order to send a letter demanding £££ in lieu of a criminal prosecution for copright theft...

I'll be honest I'm personally uneasy about using the "re-incarnated" Newzbin and will be ignoring it for a while...

FYI the new website is hosted in Sweden:
Its new ip address is and indicates this is within a netblock owned by a Swedish service provider called Netcamp: [url][/url]

Make of it what you will and use it at your own risk

i thought that newzbin2 was setup in the seychelles?

thanks hadn't realised shame the raw search aint working correctly
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