Newzbin Invite please..

    Got bored with torrents and looking to try usenet.
    I have an account with Astaweb but could do with a Newzbin account.
    I would be grateful for an invite if anyone's got one going spare.


    Send me your email addy and I'll send you one

    Please could someone send me one too!!!

    Been using giganews for nearly a year now and i paid for account with nzb matrix but i have been waiting patiently for an invite for newsbin from hot uk deals

    Would make my day if someone invited meeee!


    I need email addys for invites to be sent :thumbsup:

    Original Poster


    Send me your email addy and I'll send you one

    Thank you for the offer but i've just received one by pm.
    Didn't expect it to be this fast.
    I have repped for you for the offer, If you want to give it to someone else that's fine.
    Thanks Again. :thumbsup:

    Thanks. I flick between newzbin and You get 5 a day for free on nzbsrus and sometimes they have shows up before newzbin, so the extra 5 a day is handy. nzbmatrix is quite good as well. NJOI!

    *…120 Starter for 10

    i use nzbrus, you can make multiple accounts if you need more than the five a day,i prefer to find the release name and then use…er= to search and create my own nzb.

    are we allowed to post emails....

    well here goes

    [email protected]

    Really appreciate it!!!


    mattblan at hotmail dot com


    please can i have invite ta :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::w00t: [email protected]

    how easy are news groups to use?ive only ever used torrents,can anyone give me a easy guide lol

    they pretty easy some free some u pay for ssl security :thumbsup:
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