Nexbox A95 just died - So what's the best replacement TV box for running Kodi?

Found 26th Jan
Managed to burn out my box by plugging in the wrong power source. Need to find a replacement. Anyone have any recommendations. Only want it for running Kodi. TIA!
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A firestick. Runs Kodi super smoothly and other apps are easily sideloaded.
+1 for Firestick but you need a decent wi-fi
Firestick here also.
Firesticks are tolerable if you're OK with comparatively mediocre performance and severely limited connectivity options, and £40. If £17 is nearer your budget, consider a notably higher performance item with excellent connectivity at £16.99 delivered ex-UK…541 just don't expect Amazon CS & Amazon upselling.
The firestick is junk for kodi, an amlogic based box running libreelec will significantly out perform anything side of £100, don't slum it with a second rate firestick.
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